On The move!

Hello fellow music lovers! I just wanted to offer a quick update to let everyone know what’s going on and some plans I have for this year. I have now been back in North Carolina for two years and starting my career over after living in Georgia for 15 years. In that time I have done a lot of gigs. Solo, Duo, Country, Bluegrass, Jazz, Funk, Cover bands, etc. I have always been the journeyman type of musician and always will be to some degree I suppose, but sometimes, you run the risk of possibly spreading yourself too thin stylistically, causing you to never develop a personal sound or putting a little too much into one person’s project causing you to lose out on other opportunities. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. So I think it is finally time to really concentrate on my own thing. I have been playing this instrument for 29 years after all! So this year, the timing was just right for me to be out on my own, professionally speaking.

Settling Down

I have an outstanding trio with a couple of guys that are excited to do something different as well.  I am now furiously composing original music for the first time in my life; at least this is the first time I have composed in a focused, serious way with an end in mind to record an album and perform original music live.

The Right Instrument for the Job

What started off as just a “pick up gig” kind of group just playing jazz standards and having fun has begun to sound like a real band with a distinct style.  It is a melting pot of very eclectic styles that all somehow wind up sounding like us. At the middle of it all is my Telecaster (see adjacent photo), made by Brody Cobb of Richland Georgia. My main influence these days, discovered too late in life, is the late great Roy Buchanan. I also love Jim Campilongo and Danny Gatton. All Telecaster players, who play a wide variety of styles in what I have always called “Telecaster Music” for lack of a better term.

Telecaster Music, to me, seems to always involve a mixture of Jazz, Blues, R&B and Country to one degree or another, yet it is it’s own thing, distinct from any one of those genres. I would probably have to call what I play Telecaster Music as well, if I had to call it something. I love Roy Nichols, Don Rich, James Burton, Ed Bickert, Ted Greene the above mentioned players and a whole host of other Telecaster devotees. There is just something about that instrument! I think it’s probably the simplicity. I just love them and I can’t imagine I’ll ever play anything else. There is something magical about a Telecaster plugged straight into a cranked, low wattage tube amp (all the above players are “straight to the amp” players as well). But I digress! More on those topics later!

2018 Vision

So this year I plan to get the Trio working hard and developing more as a unit. I plan to compose enough music to put out an album of my own music by the end of the year. I am also now officially partnered professionally and creatively with Jeff Adams of Neofilm and Live In the Music, and we are going to release a series of instructional videos as well as all kinds of performance videos and other surprises.  Stay tuned for that as well. There are lot’s of exciting things in the works! I will conclude my ramblings for now. Until next time, keep rocking places and melting faces! Derek