City Slicker Chicken Picker

The Tune

I’ve always loved hot Country guitar so I thought it was time to write a tune that allows me to express that side of my musical personality. City Slicker Chicken Picker was born from a lick I had been messing with for a while. Starting from the lick that happens at the end of each A section during those breaks a tune began to take shape.

The melody of this song is quite difficult for me to play and took quite a bit of practice to get down. You can definitely hear me stumble a few times while playing it but we are putting this video out anyway, as I prefer the rawness of a first take to a “correct” but stale twelfth take.

The chords from the tune are simple but the difficulty lies in playing convincing country lines over them at that tempo. It’s second nature to play long eighth note lines over Jazz chord progressions but playing Country lines is a whole other animal.

The structure of the melody is AABA. That is followed by an improvised guitar solo over the first two A sections and the B section followed by a restatement of the A section. After this Nikao solos over a very syncopated series of rhythmic chord stabs. He nails them all in fine fashion. We then play the A section one more time and that’s that. Short and sweet. I suspect at a smidge under 3 mins this will be by the shortest song in our live sets. 8 minutes for one song is not uncommon for us live.

The Video

We were asked by a friend of the band to record a song for his engineering class at Gaston College. We agreed to cut something for him and got a nice recording out of the deal. Once again we joined forces with the awesome neofilm and Live in the Music. Jeff Adams shot us with three cameras and did a really great job editing. I love the black and white look!