Welcome students and parents!

   My name is Derek McCoy.  I am a music instructor who specializes in teaching acoustic and electric guitar. I have had an intense passion for music for over 30 years, since I picked up my first guitar when I was 11 years old. I offer in person instruction in the Henderson County North Carolina area as well as online instructions via Skype or Zoom to students of all ages and skills levels.

  I began playing guitar in Shelby as a child, and after being a part of several bands in my teens, my passion for music brought me to Georgia to pursue a music degree at the Atlanta Institute of Music. There, I graduated with a certificate and began teaching Music Theory, Odd Meter Performance, and Sight Reading for AIM. I also began teaching privately in the Atlanta area and have been teaching students of all ages and skill levels for the past 18 years. Teaching guitar has proven to be a very rewarding and challenging part of my life, and I love my students. I really feel that each student brings their own style to the table and I love helping them cultivate their skills and talent.

Derek McCoy

Call now to schedule your lesson.  980.250.3483.