The Shoot

Well folks, this year is getting good since I’ve decided to partner up with Neofilm to work on content to share what I’m up To. Below are three new videos shot by Jeff Adams of Neofilm, at Bassist Jon Guarriello’s amazing recording studio. We were initially just getting together to shoot my first original composition for the group, Ivy’s Waltz, but things were cooking and we were all feeling creative so when our Videographer Jeff suggested that we knock out some more tunes we were more than happy to oblige. All sound was recorded simply, using two room mics and mixing in a little sound from the camera mics. Enjoy!

Ivy’s Waltz

This is the first original I’ve written for this group and my first composition in a very long time. After decades of “side-man” jobs I am finally ready to start writing and performing my own material. The song is named after my daughter Ivy. There are a few quirky spots in the melody that remind me of our talks when we have very rare one on one time. The cover photo for the video is a picture of Ivy, taken by me, blowing a gigantic bubble at the Hands On Museum in Hendersonville NC.

The song is performed in a traditional “head-solos-head” fashion typical of Jazz music, but the harmony and guitar sound are purposely not jazz as I am more inspired by simpler harmony these days.


The Herbie Hancock classic, Chameleon. A masterpiece in funk-jazz, written when that was a brand new thing. The tune was released on Herbie’s Headhunters record which pretty much invented the genre so that makes sense! Though I adore the song, I had grown pretty tired of playing it over the years but then I found this fresh new arrangement by the bassist Christian McBride from his awesome recording, Fingerpainting. He adds new chords in addition to the bulk of the tune being based on the “jam” section at the end of the original. Compare the two! This is a very cool arrangement that has breathed new life into this well worn standard for me. Solos by all three trio members on this one.

Bring It On Home To Me

This is our take on the wonderful soul tune, Bring It On Home To Me by the legendary vocalist Sam Cooke. The vocal melody is performed by the guitar in this one. I absolutely love playing this tune! The harmony is simple and bluesy but departs from the usual 12 Bar I-IV-V Blues form. I interpret the melody a few times and take a few passes soloing through the form before stating the melody once more at the end. It’s always a challenge and a learning experience to try to take vocals, especially when they were performed with such power and passion on the original, and interpret them in a way that makes sense for the guitar but still does the tune justice. Enjoy!

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy these videos and share them with others. I would like to thank Jeff from Neofilm for videographing these performances and being a great source of creativity and motivation through it all. I’d also like to thank my extremely talented band mates for lending their skills to the sessions. And thank YOU for watching! Stay tuned for more videos in the very near future and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me on Facebook to keep up with all that is going on!

Derek McCoy