We recently had our first show at the wonderful Sanctuary Brewing Company right in Hendersonville just a few miles from my front door. The staff and audience there were amazing and we were well received.

This was new bassist Tim Winter’s second gig with us and we are really starting to gel. He did great, which is saying something because we have a lot of material to learn. Add to that that I never stick to set lists and we never play any song the same way twice and you’ve got a real challenge. We are very lucky to have him on board.

Overall, the group is really starting to come together. It’s only a matter of time before we will reach that level of unspoken musical communication that is only possible in a real “band” situation, where the same guys play and rehearse together consistently;
something that is increasingly rare in the working musician world and even more so in jazz/improvisational settings. Getting there, where you can “just tell” where the other guys are going, is where the real magic happens.

We were once again joined by our partner in crime from neofilm, Jeff Adams who videoed the gig. Here are a few cuts from the night.

The Chicken: Written by Pee Wee Ellis. Check out Nikao Wallaces ‘s awesome drum solo over the form.

Crazyhorse Mongoose: Written by Galactic. This is a fun tune with a tricky 7/8 section that is a blast to play.

Blue Bossa: The immortal Kenny Dorham standard, played more at Samba tempo thanBossa. Solos by everyone on this one.