Being a Pro Musician During a Pandemic

This whole thing has been pretty scary. That being said, being a person that plays guitar for a living always has a certain level of uncertainty about it. You never know when the phone is going to ring or if it even will. Students cancel, budgets at venues deplete. Things happen.

What has blown my mind during the “new normal” is the overwhelming support from people that dig my playing and the acts I perform with. Through streaming shows and “virtual tip jars” I’ve managed to keep my head above water and played some really great shows as well. I’ve finally starting teaching lessons online, (something I should have already been doing), and that has gone great as well. In fact, many of my students prefer it.

I’ve enjoyed the extra time with my kids, (for the most part), as well as being home on the weekends to spend more time with my wife. One of the pitfalls of playing music is almost always being gone on the weekend, so most whole-family activities happen without me present. I’ve had lots of extra time for my other passions, photography and hiking as well. I’m lucky to be very close to a wilderness area that has few enough visitors to have stayed available during the pandemic.

All in all, this isn’t the end of the world. Though it’s been challenging and a little scary, it’s opened up new areas of my life that were a bit closed off before. I consider myself to be very fortunate.